Inside the Uncanny

Exploring themes of the uncanny in a super-scale exterior projection on the side of a dormitory.

This concept explores ideas I had related to the uncanny. I began by considering the projection surface, especially the scale of the canvas; the side of the building is approximately 150 feet wide by 30 feet tall. It also features an architectural division in the middle and a grid of windows on both the right and left piece of the structure. While considering the scale, I explored ideas of shooting things that are very small or the very small details of things and then showing them much larger. This research and experimentation led to my macro-photography and micro-photography shoot. I focused on everyday materials that looked very different in low light and at very close inspection; the results were some amazing images that contextually look very different than their reality. This interplay with the actual subject of the photograph versus what it appears to be is what I then explored in my editing process, allowing viewers to make assumptions about what they think they are seeing. I played with the structure of the building, sometimes using the entirety of it as canvas, other times using just one part or even just the windows. The music I used for this piece is a small ambient portion of a song called Low Fog by the group SURVIVE.