July Fourth Contest Website

Custom coded contest website for Diamond Vogel’s July fourth promotional giveaway.

Client: Diamond Vogel
Services: Web Design & Development

Diamond Vogel contractor marketing team was looking for a way to really generate a solid email list divided into proper customer groups. They devised a contest around their normal July Fourth Sale Event that would allow customers to enter the contest, providing their email and their customer type. We then would have a list of emails specific to their interests to better market products to the correct customers. This Website is responsive, carefully considering the mobile and tablet experience. In addition, all of the data capture, prize listings, contest beginning and ending dates, and winner selection were custom coded by me using PHP and MySQL so that we could launch the site and let it run for the duration without needing any extra attention. The design I created for this event was also used in retail location posters of various sizes, stickers, and t-shirts to give away to contractors.