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About Me

Most days I’m just trying to take everything I’m learning and turn it into something that is both moving and interesting to look at and listen to.

Photo by the amazing Yunqian “Q” Lin.


I’m Matthew Van Rys, but most people just call me Matt. I’m a design professor teaching Motion Media Design at SCAD Savannah. I’m also Co-Founder of Pläd where I mostly work as a motion designer. I’m originally from Canada, but I am also American. I have a B.A. in Art from Dordt University, where I emphasized in Graphic Design, Art History, and Fine Art. I have also earned an M.F.A. in Motion Media Design from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where my academic focus was in projection mapping, experiential installation, and interactive projection art.

I have been a commercial designer for over twenty years now, working in branding, advertising, print, web, and motion design. I worked for an advertising agency for nine years and have been a freelance designer ever since. I have also been a design professor, teaching courses in web design, motion graphics, and advanced graphic design prior to my current teaching work.

The key things my experience has taught me is to always be learning and experimenting, to treat people with respect, and to work hard for what you love. This has allowed me to meet and work with some amazing people, learning everyday along the way. I love leading teams of talented creatives and managing projects; collaboration is one of the best parts about working in design disciplines. I really enjoy the ideation process, whether with a group or solo; I’m always happy to both give and receive critique. My personal artistic study interests are currently focused on the methods and theories surrounding spatial moving images and their practical design and execution (particularly in interactive or generative installations).

In my free-time, I like to recharge my “creative batteries” with activities such as: traveling, hiking, reading, visiting museums, watching live comedy or music, having drinks and good conversations with close friends, visiting family, watching great films, or simply learning something new. My favorite fruit is pineapple, my favorite snack is ketchup chips, my favorite candy is a Cadbury Crunchie, and my favorite drink is a vodka tonic, usually made with Tito’s.

I’m really impressed if you read all the way to the bottom. I also like to write.