Take Ten Covers

Collection of Vogel Corporation newsletter covers with fun photo manipulations.

Client: Vogel Corporation
Services: Photography, Design

The Vogel Corporation was looking for an updated design for their quarterly inter-company newsletter that each employee receives. This concept was derived to modernize their logo and give the cover a look more similar to magazines. The concept for the covers of these four issues utilized oversized color stripe cards that were made for each retail location to use as decoration in their color center. I thought of creative ways to utilize the signs for each cover, and either shot them on location or set up the shots and then composited it together later. The first issue, Spring, involved me climbing a tree and putting the stripe card in it like a kite. The next issue, Summer, involved me shooting my creative director’s children at a pool and then compositing in the pink stripe card as replacement for the diving board. The next issue, Winter, involved shooting one card practically at a local tree farm with my fellow designers and then compositing in the others. The final issue in this series, Spring, involved a shot setup and then significant compositing to alter the actress, the umbrella and the scene over all.