A Wild Night In France

A collaborative project co-creative directed by Leah Evans and myself, we were tasked by the Atlanta Leadership Gala to create a series of projections for an exterior wall of a patio for during the gala. The client provided the theme, which was French culture and we interpreted that using inspiration from French food, architecture, patterns, fashion, and art. This was an amazing experience and a great opportunity to create a large scale projection for a high profile project. The projection took place at the gala in early November in 2017 at the beautiful Chateau Elan. Leah and I also served as projectionists for the event.

0:06 Matt Van Rys
0:37 Robyn Whaples
0:44 Leah Evans
0:51 Daniel Whitaker
1:04 Leah Evans
1:12 Leah Evans
1:22 Leah Evans
1:28 Matt Van Rys
1:40 Sebastian O’Dell
2:26 Matt Van Rys
2:50 Matt Van Rys
2:58 Leah Evans
3:13 Gabe Wooden
3:43 Leah Evans
3:50 Leah Evans
4:00 Leah Evans
4:13 Daniel Whitaker
4:19 Alexandra Munro
4:33 Leah Evans
4:40 Leah Evans
4:49 Madison Ellis
4:59 Daniel Whitaker
5:14 Matt Van Rys
5:45 Gabe Wooden
6:14 Leah Evans
6:33 Houhan Wang
7:13 Matt Van Rys
7:24 Daniel Whitaker
7:45 Leah Evans
7:50 Matt Van Rys
7:58 Matt Van Rys
8:11 Omar Peoples
8:23 Sebastian O’Dell