Archikids Festival

Promotional animation for Archikids Festival 2016.

This concept captures the fun and diversity of activities at the 2016 Archikids festival in London. The parameters for this class project were to create a minimum 30 second promotion for an event that captures the underlying conceptual metaphors in the event’s programming. This concept is designed to appeal to children and also their parents who ultimately decide whether they attend the event. Within the piece, this concept implies the overarching themes of the event without naming specific activities, while also focusing on togetherness, family, diversity, and fun. The color scheme is targeted at the children while the typography is targeted at the adults. Character design in this concept includes simple shapes with playful movement to draw subtle comparisons to cartoon animations. The script was kept simple to allow time for scenic transitions and to keep the information easily digestible. The final scene is a conventional information card with dates and website details to ensure the key information is delivered.