Art & War

Abstract illustrated animation concept developed using the theme of Art & War to combat deforestation.


This concept focuses on a war of a different type, one that is driven by the conflict between the human species and the earth. Using a fictional “Michael Bay-esque” fight scene between a tree and a timber harvesting machine, this animation will draw attention to the World Wildlife Foundation’s efforts to reduce deforestation and promote reforestation.

In a nod to action films, the animation will setup with two wide shots, then a medium, followed by four close-up shots similar to fight sequences, and finishing with a medium shot.

Treatment: This piece is fully illustrated with blocky illustration and fast action elements often seen in frame-by-frame illustrated animations. Texture will be added to help reinforce the grittiness. Additional experimentation could include an unrealistic color scheme to further abstract the scene and separate the commercial from other television media targeted at this audience.

Motion: Motion should be smooth but with fast movement and additional motion portrayed through illustrated elements. Delivered as frame-by-frame, it will have a choppy finish.