Digital Graffiti 2017 Projections

These are a selection of pieces I created for the 2017 Digital Graffiti projection art festival, held annually in Alys Beach Florida. Each piece explores an array of social and cultural issues for the time and additional details can be found below each documentation.

Each projection is exhibited on a buttery structure outside of the festival. There are four butteries, two at each end of the main highway into the town. During the day they are stark white, making for an ideal canvas for projection. These projections additionally explore the structure with special attention paid to the arched opening and the segmented, pyramid portion of the structure.


(See individual documentation below.)

Brain Waves

A personification of thought patterns deteriorating over time; induced perhaps by age, fatigue, or consumption of substances.

Disordered Surveillance

Using eyes of various sizes, this piece explores the ubiquitous nature of surveillance and the inherit disarray of its access and organization within corporate and governing structures.


Using a collection of footage captured shooting a DLP projector, this piece explores the segmented nature of the Buttery structure and treats it much like a rave. I admit to having some concerns about distracting or endangering drivers passing by.

Finger Paint

This projection explores the texture of direct film manipulation. Original piece was created using acrylic paint applied directly by hand to clear 16mm film and then photographed and retimed for this purpose.

Macro Surveillance

Using macro photography of a human eye, this piece explores the intense clarity of online surveillance often conducted by free social media services we participate in willingly.


Blocks of color explores the rudimentary building units of digital imagery, distorting the viewer’s relationship with the computer generated image and the Buttery structure itself.

Ordered Surveillance

This piece explores the rank-in-file function of information gathering and the use of the almighty database to cater and control the manner in which we receive information in the digital space.

Playful Pixels

This projection deconstructs the relationship between analog created images which are then captured and reinterpreted in the digital space; the modifications create ambivalence between the macro liquid particles and the pixel blocks.

Poetic Terrorism

Appearing to be an exploration of the treatment of digital images using manipulation of the machine glitches, it is additionally a critique of the relationship between the viewer and the machine itself through a simulation of a failure of the projection mapping software itself.


An exploration of digital images manipulated with glitch and editing techniques. Footage includes macro of LED screens and feedback. A collaboration with Wesley T. Nelson.


An exploration of surface, this piece exposes the underlying structure of the Buttery while enjoying the textures of direct film manipulation. A collaboration with the amazing Amy Wallace.


A psychedelic interpretation of brain activity which additionally explores the structure of the Buttery and the underlying power of editing and timing sequences of images.