Lest We Remember

Title sequence for fictional film utilizing close-up 3D letterforms exploring abstractions of a mental space.

The concept for this title sequence is based on the title sequence design convention of slowly revealing the logo. Examples such as the title sequences for Dead Zone and Stranger Things suggest parts of letterforms as graphic objects slowly revealing the building of the final logo of the film. The sequence is for a fictional film based on the short story Lest We Remember by Isaac Asimov. The story is about a man who receives a drug that allows him to index and retrieve every sensory memory he has ever had. Using that as the starting point, I decided to suggest the connections being made in his brain by showing the letterforms slowly coming together. The texture I chose represents the power of the pharmaceutical company he works for and also the doom his new recollection is sure to have on his personal relationships. The music is from the song Copter by the group SURVIVE which supports the 1980’s dour feeling of the original writing through deep synthesizer melodies and heavy rhythms.

Treatment: The finished piece is treated with a muted tone in mostly blues and blacks. There are occasional burns of yellow and green to give the piece a feel more in keeping with the release of the original story. The noise, grain, and distressing also suggest older film media.

Motion: The motion is treated with slow floating 3D letterforms in a void space. The focus racks in and out implying a physical camera in this imaginary space. Light plays slightly and animates across the objects, further suggesting ideas of mental connections and memory.