Liminal is projection installation that creates a dialogue about light. Using projection as a combination of image-maker and light-creator, this artwork explores luminance of material and ephemeral artifacts of reflection and refraction.

Within Liminal viewers experience a contemplative cascade of refracted and reflected light that is projected onto and through translucent scrim panels that they walk amongst and move. Within this space the audience discovers the transitional space light occupies between darkness and full light. Iridescent reflective effects with morphing gradients and simple geometry transfer the audience into a place of contemplation, exploring forms similar to Thomas Wilfred’s Lumia and natural effects of light refraction. Simplicity of form and sound derive their inspiration from expanded cinema practice in which the audience expands their mind. Audio is ambient and loosely synchronized to major color shifts within the projected media.

After exiting Liminal, the audience has developed a calming feeling brought on by considering the colors and forms of light within the liminal space. As Liminal explores transition through the exploration of natural phenomenon of light, viewers explore their own meaning through contemplation.

Special thanks to Professor James Gladman for his guidance and to the wonderful Moira Burke for critique and help with setup and take down.