Object; Meaning is an interactive art installation created by artist Ria Urbon. It focuses on ideas of perception and meaning associated between the viewer and the projected image. My role for this project was to program both the interactive board and the computer displaying video. Ria used four 3D printed objects painted with conductive paint; when users touched them, they would change the video being displayed on the projector. I programed the Bare Conductive Touch Board with Arduino programming to send a signal to the computer alerting it to a new touch and indicating which object was touched. Then, using Processing, I would select a random video from a set associated with that object and swap it with the video currently on the projection. I also assured that the current video displayed would not be in the selection. Learn more about the creative concept and project scope on Ria’s website.

Visuals, Concept, Animation, Editing, Design, Cinematography: Ria Urbon
Programmer: Matt Van Rys
Trailer Cinematography: Matt Van Rys
Director of Photography: Ria Urbon
3D Models: Daniel Pomidor
Installation Model: Arianna Canelon