World Wildlife Fund PSA

Kinetic typography animated PSA for WWF exploring our bond with the planet earth.

This is a PSA originally built for Dynamic Typography class at SCAD Savannah. While happy with the initial concept, I feel like my finished execution lacks the depth, complexity, and variety I hope for in my work. However, every project is something to learn from and by posting this here I force myself to get better.

Bonded: This concept explores the close bond that many indigenous peoples throughout the world share with our planet and we can all learn from them the importance of balance within nature. This PSA for World Wildlife Fund dials in to their climate change efforts as those effect every other environmental issue they champion and fund.

Treatment: The treatment uses a couple color schemes. The first is a red/orange/yellow that harkens to both Navajo and Tibetan color themes. The second is a more rich turquoise and blues that will relate to Navajo traditional patterns and also colors found in water and sky in nature. The piece is largely void of earth tones in order to avoid obvious imagery that the viewer expects in environmental related work.

Motion: Motion treatment features a series of patterns modeled after indigenous cultures, but done in a subtle manner. Motion flows smoothly in relationship with flute music and frames the soft-sans-serif typography that drives the piece.